Results for SCW/AIWF’s Patriot Action on July 6, 2013

Results for SCW/AIWF’s Patriot Action on July 6, 2013:

– Von Hess defended & retained the AIWF West Coast Light Heavyweight Championship against PURE DOMINANCE’s Demarcus James.

– The big bad man known as Bedlam defeated the tag combination of Kaos & the luchador El Viento in a 2 on 1 handicap match.

– The stake in this match was high for both wrestlers here. The man who defies gravity, The Iron Buddha gave it his all… but lost to PURE DOMINANCE’s Mean Mark and with that MM & a member of PURE DOMINANCE gets a shot at the SCW Tag Team Titles.

– The Fallen even with a tag partner that never stepped foot in the ring, managed to win by submission against Alpha Sigma Sigma.

– The acting CEO of SCW, Dale “The King” Houston DOMINATED Randy “The Jungle Cat” Zellers.

– In this battle for the race for the SCW Heavyweight Championship Title, two powerhouses of SCW clashed. Dave Turner showed lots of heart, but the cagey vet “Hot Hands” Mendoza won and is looking to be in the Heavyweight Championship title picture.

This war for the SCW Heavyweight Championship Title pitted the “Fighting Superstar” Kellen Raeth against the champion.. the Wrestler they call EXILE!!!! These two tore the roof off. In the battle for the title a chain appeared and while the champion was making the pin, the ref noticed the chain and assumed for the worse. He disqualified Exile, leaving Kellen the winner… but not the champion. What is the next step for these two in the war of the SCW Championship?

*Also during the event, the new SCW Heavyweight Title was unveiled andStevie Jonak was inducted into the SCW’s Hall of Fame and this event marked her last time being in a SCW event.