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Yesterday we had a benefit show to help raise funds for Toys for Tots. Tenormin 50mg pills $253.00 we raised almost $200 in cash and almost $300 in toys that the marines picked up yesterday after the show. The results from the show are as follows:
1st match Grand Moki defeated "Hollywood" Keith Dye

2nd match The Bonecrusher (Big Doug & Blackjack) defeated The True Italians (Chad Guilani & Tristan Daniels)

3rd match Deon Mercer and "Diamond" Derick Myers wrestled to a time limit draw

4th match Jessica Wetmore defeated Da [tenormin 50mg pills $253.00] Clown

5th match D'Andre Jaxson defeated Adrian Lynn

6th match EWA Champion Zach Stevens and Luke Patterson defeated Big tenormin 50mg pills $253.00 Will and Joey Idol

and the main event was a special attraction match which saw The Movement (Chip Hazard & Talon Williams) is a losing effort defend the RCW Tag Team Titles against Cody Ayers and Chris Black

Please come check us out on December 8th 2012 at 8pm

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