The Movement takes a shot at Mayberry


In a move that many would consider a slap in the face to the fans in Mount Airy N.C.  New world tag champions The Movement took time to pose in front of the world famous Andy Griffith statue, Andy was born, and raised in Mount Airy, and the residents take their Mayberry heritage very seriously, plus as an added  insult, they stood in front of the Opie statue blocking it our completely. When AIWF Mid Atlantic officials saw the photo they immediately contacted Chip Hazard to ask why the new champs would do something so mean to the town who gave them nothing but hospitality, Chip’s answer( “ Those hillbillies need to get out of their black, and white world, and be dragged into the 21st century”). Looks like The Movement may be in for a good ole fashion tar, and feathering if they step foot back in Mayberry any time soon.