The Road To Gold: Georgia On My Mind

The Road To Gold: Georgia On My Mind

By Hector Bradley

The AIWF is in the midst of one of the most exiting and unpredictable times in recent memory, the title is vacant and men all over the south are positioning themselves to be the next man to hold the title. As of “press time” 3 of the 4 men had been selected in Salem Sinner Sixx, Kyle Matthews, and Justin Flash,all of which are very capable and dangerous competitors between the ropes for different reasons. A guy like Kyle Matthews has the aura of a future champion and legend to him and has all the tools to make the AIWF championship his and hold it for a long time, it’s just a matter of whether or not now is that time. Justin Flash is more of what we would call a “ring savvy” grappler, he has a moveset that encompasses everything from flying headbutts to sliced bread in order to finish his foes. The man is a former AIWF champion that held the title just shy of a year. Recent times have not been as kind to the former champion as he went on a bit of a bad run of things and hasn’t been able to celebrate the same success he once had, but don’t let that fool you as he has the experience needed and the ability to take that belt home with him in Blue Ridge to show that he is still at the top of the AIWF heap and I’m sure has every intention of doing so. Salem Sinner Sixx is a different case entirely, this is a guy who will get more out of the fact that he gets to battle 3 men instead of 1, than being in there for the title. He has been in everything from casket matches to outright brawls and the monster of a man is still a force to be reckoned with on any day.

The 3 participants that are already in the bout aren’t the only ones to watch however, as there is 1 spot left in the match to be determined by a three way bout involving Justin Overstreet, Death Row, and Thomas Shock.

Thomas Shock is a larger competitor with a lot of speed for a fellow his size and an iron will to go with it. He manages to make the most of his frame by mixing the power game with solid wrestling to achieve his desired result in the ring, expect nothing less with the AIWF title shot hanging in the balance.

Death Row is for a lot of people the man they would like to come in and match up with Salem Sinner Sixx, as both have monster like auras around them and both manhandle competition with ease it seems. Where Sixx uses what seems to be a never-ending tolerance for pain,
Death Row is a pretty unrelenting barrage of pain. He is well-known for his strength and is said to be the physically strongest and most imposing of all of the competitors in the mix. Look for him to use his size and ability to intimidate in his bid for the title.

Justin Overstreet may not be the largest dog in the hunt for the last spot in the title match, but he is definitely one of the most well versed in the arts. Studying under guys like Dan Severn and Tom Prichard, he has all of the needed pedigrees to go somewhere in the business. The only thing that is holding Mr. Overstreet back is that one win that propels him into a championship caliber contender. Alot of people(including this author) feel Overstreet is at that level now, but seeing is believing and is Justing Overstreet has his way, we will all be seeing his potential very soon in the form of an AIWF title run.

These are exiting times for the Allied Independent Wrestling Federation indeed, 6 of the very best that the sport has to offer are all in the midst of making a run at the title with the fastest rising prestige in the industry and it’s all going to go down in Blue Ridge Georgia in a town rich in wrestling history and with a record of great wrestling matches. The past few months have been chaotic in the AIWF, but out of the chaos will rise a champion and no matter which of the 6 men it is, that man will hold the legacy of the AIWF upon his shoulders.

Best of luck to them all…

MAY 25, 2013 – DSCW ARENA, 1580 HWY 515, BLUE RIDGE, GA AT 8 PM.