The Ten Count With Adan Reyes

The Ten Count With Adan Reyes

By Matt Classic

The 10 Count
1. How did you get started in pro wrestling?
I started training at a local school after going to Indy shows for a little over a year. Because I was sixteen I was in and out for a little while but AXW out of Utah gave met first few matches and they helped me break in.

2. How did you hear about and get involved with AIWF Wrestling?
The internet. I believe my first real involvement was with BCW in Portland, Oregon. I’ve wrestled for a few affiliates now in California & Washington as well.

3. What are some memorable moments in your pro wrestling career? There’s quite a few for me that have meant a lot to me. Winning a ladder match back here at home in 2010 was one of my major ones. Winning tag team titles with my best friend and a guy I broke in with on a televised program was another. Most recently the Krazy 8 tournament was a huge deal for me. Wrestling Bolt Brady was a big deal and to make it to finals with him is something I won’t forget. There should be a rematch for sure.

4. What is your entrance music and what made you choose that?
Neato by Three loco. Mostly because it’s obnoxious like myself. I always pick a song that can pump me up like no other music can. I’m very different. There’s many choices in rock, metal, or fast rap but the songs I’ve chosen like Neato is a different kind of pump up. It’s like I’m filling my tank full of ego and pompous attitude that I am going to let out in front of everyone.

5. Who has been your toughest opponent?
The Ballard Brothers hands down. Hard hitting, intelligent, tricky, and every time I entered the ring with them Me & my partner learned more & more.

6. If you could wrestle anyone you haven’t in a match who would you wrestle and why? I have a few choices for this. Like a long list. Matt Knicks is on top of that list. He’s way talented, I’ve known him for a while too and I’d think we’d tear it up. Among others Kyle Matthews, Chuck Taylor, Patrick Large.. It just goes on & on.

7. How far is the farthest you have every traveled to Wrestle?
I’m not sure. Winnipeg Canada was about a 2 & a half day drive so that’s the longest.. But farthest might have been Mt Airy, Nc for Krazy 8. Should probably look that up.

8. Any pre or post match rituals you partake in? Needing to pee & not peeing. But I think that’s everyone’s thing. I’ve never had anything set. Stretching, thinking, pacing, freaking out… Anything a thespian would do… Funny enough I was one in school so… Not much changed there for me.

9. If you could ask anyone in wrestling one question, what would it be? I’m all for knowledge, learning, & advice. But unfortunately the thing that is popping to my head that’s bugging me is.. Why the hell is Scott Steiner on twitter?

10. How can people contact you? Via Facebook at as well as