The Ten Count With Fabulous Frankie Fontaine

The Ten Count With Frankie Fontaine

By Matt Classic

1. How did you get started in pro wrestling?  Saw a flier at a store for try outs and I went
2. How did you hear about and get involved with AIWF Wrestling?  Don’t really remember but I think we worked in mt airy and asked about it.
3. What are some memorable moments in your pro wrestling career?  Meeting jake Roberts, working with KC Mcnight aka Scott Dawson of NXT Fame and just meeting a lot of good people.
4. What is your entrance music and what made you choose that?  Sexy and I know it because its fabulous duh.
5. Who has been your toughest opponent? Cueball Carmicheal
6. If you could wrestle anyone you haven’t in a match who would you wrestle and why? El Generico because he just is a fun worker to be around.
7. How far is the farthest you have every traveled to Wrestle? 1700 miles one way.
8. What do you think about when you are alone in your car?  What I can do different and better.
9. Any pre or post match rituals you partake in? no rituals for fabulous one!
10. If you could ask anyone in wrestling one question, what would it be? vince how do I get my product out there and be better.