The Ten Count With Maverick

The Ten Count With Maverick

By Matt Classic

1.How did you get started in pro wrestling?
I always wanted to step in the ring when I a little kid, so I decided to start training when I can home from Afghanistan!! I trained with showtime Shane black and I have been wrestling for about a year now

2. How did you hear about and get involved with AIWF Wrestling? I started working for NEWF and they are one of your affiliates, they told me they had a shot for something good and next thing you I started wrestling for an AIWF anniversary show

3. What are some memorable moments in your pro wrestling career?  Being in such a short career right now I have to say my first match, and these last two weeks picking up two titles in two weeks

4. What is your entrance music and what made you choose that? Danger Zone, because whenever another wrestler enters the ring with me they are entering the danger zone

5. Who has been your toughest opponent?  With out a doubt Tony Deppen, he is a great athlete and square to square one of the best in the business today

6. If you could wrestle anyone you haven’t in a match who would you wrestle and why? Either Ricky Morton, or I even say Chris hero, Ricky because of the opportunity to wrestle an old school wrestler and Chris hero because he is amazing in the ring

7. How far is the farthest you have every traveled to Wrestle?  I have traveled all the way to North Carolina and as far west as West Virginia almost near Ohio

8. Any pre or post match rituals you partake in?  Pre match, I always listening to music to get me fired up, get some push-ups and sit-ups in and get my self amped, post I make sure I got a promo on hand for my opponent!!

9. If you could ask anyone in wrestling one question, what would it be?  It would be no doubt the rock, where do you get you genius from when doing promos!!

10. How can people contact you?  You can email me, find me on Facebook mark vital also mark maverick