Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down Dec. 16, 2012

In what was a pretty crazy weekend in the AIWF Mid Atlantic area, here is this week’s Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down.

Thumbs up to AIWF Mid Atlantic first for having such a successful year! Growth from all directions, new talent, new arena in the Mt. Airy area, the return to Virginia, and fans all around happy. Huge kudos to the AIWF Mid Atlantic team!

Thumbs up to Rob McBride and Matt Houston, both appearing on Fox 8 Morning Show in Winston Salem / Greensboro to promote the Friday Night Dec 14 Gifts for Kids Show. Entitled A Night for the Kids V, this fifth installment has proven quite successful for the toy drive, and a huge step for the charitable side of AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling. Rob and Matt, although normally on the other side of the table so to speak, both held to be professionals and promote the show. When it came down to the drawing at the Lethal Lottery, it was McBride and Houston who had to team together, proving sometimes opposites do attract.

Thumbs down to Old School Mafia member Louis Moore’s neck, who suffered an injury when he was eliminated from the Lethal Lottery Battle Royal on Friday night. Afterwards Matt Houston was also eliminated, landing on Louis as he fell out of the ring, injuring the former AIWF World Heavyweight Champion. We wish you the best in a speedy recovery.

Thumbs up to Caramel Candy James Anthony, ending 2012 in the AIWF Mid Atlantic undefeated! Although not a full year, this rookie in the Mid Atlantic is proving everyday why he is a true force to be reckoned with in the Mid Atlantic! He will face Bobby Yela on Saturday February 2 in a Ladder Match to determine just who will walk away as the AIWF Mid Atlantic Cruiserweight Championship, a title that has been upheld for nearly 8 months.

Thumbs down to Jimmy Jannetty, Jody Osborne, and Jenny Jannetty who last night, with the help of Rick Deezel, successfully regained the AIWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Titles in a Triple Threat tag team matchup with Team Throwdown and Dysfunctional Disorder. In a match that truly captivated the crowd throughout the bout, in the end, the Star City Rollers truly proved why they are the tag team champions, doing anything for the victory.

Thumbs up to Rick Deezel, who, although we do not agree nor condone his actions, aligned himself with a very huge force in the Mid Atlantic in the Star City Rollers. One has to wonder what he truly has up his sleeves, or his robe we should say.

Thumbs up to MT Hawks, who delivered the fans in Mt. Airy an incredible show at Season’s Beatings last night. Although the cage match scheduled between Scrapyard Dog and Dick Foley could not happen due to a previous engagement by Scrapyard Dog, MT Hawks found a suitable replacement in Steve Niles and promised the fans Foley/Scrapyard on Friday night January 18 at the 21st Anniversary show weekend… Inside of the Steel Cage!

Thumbs down to Alas de Angel and Guerrero Ninja who defeated Kid Dragon and El Chaco last night, with a little bit of help from the 2nd rope. It truly amazes us that Alas de Angel does know some important words in English, such as Shut Up when he is talking to the fans.

And finally, to end the last Thumbs up Thumbs Down of 2012, a HUGE THUMBS UP to the entire roster of the AIWF Mid Atlantic promotion and all of our fans! We could not do this without any of you, and we appreciate each and everyone of your cheers, jeers, comments, praises, complaints, and more. From the entire staff at AIWF Mid Atlantic, we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and we’ll see you back at the AIWF Mid Atlantic Event Center on Monday night December 31, 2012 as we present our Rock and Wrestling Bash for New Year’s Eve!