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The Ten Count With James Anthony By Matt Classic 1. How did you get started in pro wrestling? Well ever since I was 4 yrs and seen the Hulk Hogan/Ultimate Warrior match from WM6 I have always said I wanted to be a wrestler and after I graduated HS I moved to Tampa FL and trained with Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) from June 2010-Sept 2010. I then stayed in FL for 2 more yrs and did some shows around the area to get my name out and in Aug 2012 I moved back to NC to continue my career. 2. How did you hear about and get involved with AIWF Wrestling? Well when I was in FL I started wrestling for a promotion called Florida Pro Wrestling (FPW) and did that show for a 1 yr, in July of 2012 I won the vacant FPW Suncoast Championship and that night got a call from Matt Classic who had seen a pic of me with the title asking me what show it was for and I told him and then we talked about me doing some shows in NC in the future and at that time I didn’t know the AIWF was affiliated with FPW until that night and that is where I learned about the organization, after we talked I decided that moving back to NC was the best move for me cause there are a lot of AIWF affiliated shows here and it has a lot to offer when it comes to the Cruiserweight Division and in my opinion the AIWF is the best Indy Organization going today. Trileptal 300mg [trileptal 300mg pills $84.00] pills $84.00 3. What are some memorable moments in your pro wrestling career? 1. Wrestling in front of my Mom and having her say she was so proud of me 2. Winning the FPW Suncoast Title last July 3. Wrestling Jordan “Flyght” O’Neal in a Ladder Match for the ICW Light Heavyweight Title this past Nov in front of 200+ trileptal 300mg pills $84.00 ppl. These are memorable moments that will stick with me for a long time and will never be forgotten. 4. What is your entrance music and what made you choose that? Hero by Nas, I chose this song because he talks about being a hero and someone the ppl can look up to and believe in, when this comes on the ppl know who is about to come to the ring and the beat really just gets me hype and ready to go to the ring. 5. Who has been your toughest opponent? Jordan “Flyght” O’Neal because we wrestled 4 times last year he has won twice and I have won twice and each match has been tougher then the last one and we always push each other to the limits trileptal 300mg pills $84.00, he is a great talented wrestler who I will wrestle any day of the week and speaking of which if anyone wants to book us so we can settle this thing once and for all and break this tie contact us ASAP. 6. If you could wrestle anyone you haven’t in a match who would you wrestle and why? Oh man I have several guys I want to wrestle that I haven’t yet I mean the Indy’s is filled with talented guys but the guys I REALLY want to work have to be 1. Mike Cruz 2. Kahagas 3. Aaron Epic 4. Justin Flash 5. Kyle Matthews These are guys I know for a fact would really push me to the limits and bring the best out in me. 7. How far is the farthest you have every traveled to Wrestle? When I was in FL I traveled from Tampa to Greensville, Kinston, Smithfield & Butner NC for shows and next week I am gonna travel from NC to Port St Lucie FL for a AIWF Florida show called Championship Wrestling Entertainment (CWE). But I mean I am willing to travel anywhere I have to make a name for myself in this business and that’s how you do it traveling up and down the road doing whatever it takes to be successful 8. What do you think about when you are alone in your car? Well I travel alone a lot cause I am a loner and don’t really like to have people ride with me to shows but when I am alone on the way to a show I just think about the show, what all I want to do to my opponent and how I can leave my mark and make my impression felt on the night, not gonna lie I like to steal the show and try to be the best every time I step in the ring, but traveling alone down the road with the radio playing your favorites jams always gets me in the mood for any show. 9. Any pre or post match rituals you partake in? Well before I go through the curtain I always get on 1 knee and pray to the great Lord above to keep me and my opponent safe and ask him to let us have a good match and bring us back to entertain these fans in the near future. 10. How can people contact you? Facebook Fanpage: James Anthony Twitter: CCJamesAnthony Email: jamesnwo2002@yahoo. com Youtube: 

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