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August 31 Deep Southern Championship Wrestling Report from Blue Ridge, GA From Larry Goodman: Deep Southern Championship Wrestling ran a special outdoor event for the Labor Day weekend at Blue Ridge City Park. The special attraction was former four-time NWA World Tag Team Champions Bad Attitude (David Young & Rick Michaels) reuniting for the first time in 13 years with Bill Behrens as their manager. DSCW owner/booker Big Wood has developed a reputation for putting on a solid old school show and booking [voltaren emulgel 30gr tube $207.00] fresh match ups that can't be seen anywhere else in the state. Last night's show had its moments, although my sense is that it wasn't one of Wood's better outings. As it turned out, they did themselves no favors by running outdoors rather than at their home arena in Blue Ridge. Without a big crowd, outdoor shows lack heat because there's nothing to reflect the sound. There were technical problems with mics and music. The first half dragged with matches that were too long, and the second half was rushed due to an approaching storm. The fans seemed to be familiar with the cast of character, and even if they weren't, every match provided a clear heel/face distinction based on the attitude of the wrestlers. There were no clues given as to why a particular wrestler was behaving the way he was behaving. Attendance was 200. It was a laid back crowd that never got overly excited at any point in the evening. Two bands played before the show, and the wrestling ended up starting late which didn't help on a hot night. (1) Adam Jacobs defeated Torque at 12:30. Jacobs did a stellar job of working the crowd as a whiny, bumbling heel. The kids took a liking to Torque. Torque was have success with high risk aerial tactics voltaren emulgel 30gr tube $207.00, but went to the well once too often, and Jacobs nailed him with a DVD. Jacobs got a pop with a running crotch bump onto the turnbuckle. However, Jacobs continued to cut off Torque's flying. Both went down after a burst of offense from Torque. He hit a Michinoku Driver and called for the 450. It missed and Jacobs flew off the ropes and planted Torque on his face for the 1-2-3. This was a decent opener with Jacobs as the steadying influence working with a far less experienced opponent. (2) Cousin Cletus & Ray Ray defeated Joey Idol & Crash Test Dummy in 12:43. The babyfaces came out to "Cotton Eye Joe". Cletus is one half of the AIWF New South Tag Team Champions. He wore bib overalls with a possum on the back and Waffle House t-shirt underneath. His wrists were taped with silver duct tape. Cletus sprayed the heels with silly string before the bell. Crash Test Dummy and Ray worked the opening minutes. They're both pint-sized guys the likes of which would never have been allowed into the business back in the day. There is no way their offense can look believable against a decent-sized wrestler. Ray clapped and urged the fans to get behind him. How about doing something to get the fans behind you first? Ray then knocked the heels down with a plancha to the outside. CTD's moonsault off the apron was way off target, and Cletus had to move quickly to break his fall. Cletus wouldn't sell anything for CTD, thank God. CTD went to the eyes and tagged. Idol did the one-armed spinning neckbreaker Corey Hollis uses minus the excellence of execution. Idol worked on Cletus' knee. Cletus used headbutts on Idol until both of them were knocked silly. Tags were made. Ray used a 619 and pinned CTD with a poor excuse for a victory roll. This was precisely the type of match that give independent wrestling a bad name. (3) "Jailhouse Rocker" Terry Lawler defeated Chad Case in 7:20. Lawler has the moves and look of the Elvis gimmick down pat. He did the same crotch bump on the turnbuckle that Jacobs did in the first match and Case heeled. The crowd was losing what little steam they had, and mustered a weak "let's go Rocker" chant. Lawler did a nice sunset flip for a hope spot and got cut off by a clothesline. Case missed a clothesline and Lawler leveled him with one of his own. Case connected with a corner clothesline and announced that he was going for one more. Predictably, Lawler stepped aside and rolled Case up. Lawler got what he could out of Case. He's not bad so much as he is uninteresting. (4) Bad Attitude (Rick Michaels & David Young with Bill Behrens) defeated Tommy Penirelli & Jason Hampton in 13:52. Behrens did a prematch promo that was messed up because the mic kept cutting out. At one, he said they should leave due to the inferior equipment. BB put Bad Attitude over as the greatest tag team in the modern history of pro wrestling. But they weren't just consummate athletes in the primes of their careers --- every woman wanted to be with Young and Michaels was a man's man. Michaels was trying not to crack up. Bad Attitude could not get untracked in the early going, and it turned into a comedy of errors. Michaels ran out of gas criss-crossing the ring. Young held Penirelli and got punched by Michaels. Young put on the brakes to avoid hitting Michaels, and they got their noggins knocked together. Behrens threatened the ref and took a bumbling bump out of the ring. They huddled up to regroup. Still no luck until Young caught Hampton with his head down and clotheslined the hell out of him. Behrens used his tennis racket on Hampton, though not sufficiently to suit Young, who blasted Hampton's back with a shot that would have put a smile on Jim Cornette's face. Michaels busted out the dropkick for a near fall. The finishing sequence saw Young accidentally hit Michaels. That brought Behrens up to complain. He got bumped but the distraction worked - Spinebuster by Young and a frogsplash by Michaels for the pin on Penirelli. Unfortunately, the significance of the reunion was lost on this crowd, but that didn't prevent the match from being entertaining in its own right. Postmatch, Michaels did the firebreathing spot, which got one of the biggest pops of the night. (5) AIWF New South Champion Cyrus vs. Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Geter was ruled a double count out at 12:45. This was one those unique matchups that can only be seen on a DSCW show. They opened with an intense lock up that set a serious tone lacking in the previous matches. The action spilled to the outside. Voltaren emulgel 30gr tube $207.00 geter got the best of it, but cyrus cut him off on his way back in. Cyrus whipped the 400 pounder into the corner and hit an impressive corner splash. Geter came back with a HUGE clothesline and high impact follow through. Cyrus was either blown up or selling the effects, maybe both. Cyrus tried to pick Geter up for a bodyslam. Not happening. Cyrus slipped out of Geter's finisher and superkicked him, then used a kneelift to knock him out of the ring. Fans weren't sure what to make of Geter at first, but there were pulling for him now. Cyrus gloated that Geter couldn't beat him. Cyrus sent Geter hard into the post. Geter went down like a giant redwood tree. Back inside, Cyrus succeeded in slamming Geter. Not the prettiest slam mind you but it made an impression on the crowd. Cyrus missed with the Vader Bomb. Geter hit a belly to belly suplex and Cyrus barely kicked out. Cyrus hit a flying shoulder block and they both fell out of the ring. Cyrus tried for a crossbody off the apron. Geter caught him and slammed down on the ring frame. They slugged it out until referee Richard Gilbert called for the bell. Cyrus said Geter didn't beat him. This match got a bigger reactions and held people's attention better than most of the show. voltaren emulgel 30gr tube $207.00 And they did get across that Geter was the good guy. It wasn't pretty by any means. Cyrus could stand to get in better shape. It's a match I hope to see again in the future, because it has the potential to get progressively better as they gain experience working together. (6) Robert Gibson & Demolition Ax defeated Brothers Fusion (Brandon & Jason Collins) in 6:15. At the opening bell, there was a rumble of thunder and a flash of lightning on the horizon. Ax subbed for Ricky Morton who canceled due to a back injury. Ax choked Brandon, pulled his hair and stretched his mouth. Each time asking the ref "Can I do this?" All the while, Jason was losing it on the apron. The crowd hates Brothers Fusion so the bit worked to perfection. It was time for Jason took take his share of the punishment. Jason has a good look and sells really well. I'm curious to see what he can do on offense but this wasn't the time for it. Fusion used a gimmick in the tights to get heat on Ax, who looks damn good in the ring for 65. A big boot to the face of Brandon set up the house cleaning by Gibson. The match broke down with all four in. The brothers were Irish whipped into a midring collision and Gibson rolled Brandon up. A good match for this spot on the show. With the storm moving closer, ring announcer Brittany Chastain said the last two matches were being combined into a tag. (7) AIWF World Champion Kyle Matthews & "Semper Fi" Cody Roberts defeated Epic Grant & Chip Hazard in 15:06. The crowd got off on chanting "Epic failure" at Grant, who has learned how to be an effective heel. Grant was hilarious selling his aching ass, which became the theme of the match. Roberts has a great look and physique for a babyface and got a big response from the crowd. Matthews worked the lion's share of the match so I couldn't get much of a read on his wrestling ability. I also liked what I saw of Hazard as a heel. Matthews missed on a mad charge into the corner, allowing Grant and Hazard to take control of the match. Their nefarious tactics frustrated Roberts no end. Matthews finally reversed a suplex and made the tag. The heels started double teaming Cody. Matthews fired up. He gave Mitchell the heave ho. Hazard tried to go up top. Big mistake. A sllurpee kick by Matthews and spear from Roberts ended it. The match was fine especially given the last minute change.

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