Why Kevin Why?????

This past Saturday night July 12th in Civietown N.C. It was the chair shot heard around the world. It was the AIWF Southern Young Guns Champion Patrick Shelley taking on Dirty South Championship Wrestling’s favorite son Kevin Shoals. It was an incredible match between these two young up and comers. The suddenly fate reared its ugly head. As Kevin put his body on the line as so often wrestlers due, 1 missed moved and Kevin found himself on the wrong end of a brutal beating. After awhile it became apparent that the champion wasn’t even trying to win the match as he stalked Kevin and continued to attack the leg he had injured earlier. Finally kevins father and owner of DSCW couldn’t watch it any longer. He charged the ring wielding a steel chair to run off Patrick Shelley. He dropped the chair to pick up a mic and while his attention was on Patrick Shelley his own son picked up the very chair his father just used to save him a possible career ending injury and Kevin Shoals hit his own father from behind no less. The crowd was dead silent in Civietown N.C. at that moment. One of there own had abandoned them for C4W